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  • Burn up to 500 Calories in a 35 Minute Workout - Get Fit Fast!
  • No Class Times - Come Workout When it's Best for You
  • Over 500 Predesigned Workouts - Always Something New
  • Know What to Eat - Supplements & Help With Nutrition/Meal Plans
  • Personal Trainer Included - Get Motivated & Accountability from Our Fitness Coaches
  • Heart Rate Tracking for Better Results & More Intensity - Real Results
  • Fitness Competitions & Heart Rate Comparisons to Motivate
  • Fast & Effective Workouts Optmized to Burn Calories, Tighten, & Tone
  • 10 Zone Circuit High Intenisty Interval Training - Workouts Always Change

Those Are Bethany's Result Pictures. 

Read Her Testimonial Below.

I joined the HitFit® gym about a year and a half ago. At that time I was recovering from a recent injury and needed to be very careful with my workouts. The trainers were very knowledgeable and would make adjustments for me to ensure my safety. I also met with Branden to see what nutrients I was missing. I went through a cleanse and added the vitamin supplements I had been lacking. The results where fantastic! I quickly regained my strength and started seeing the product of proper nutrition and exercise. 

I have been a member of many gyms in the past and grow bored of the machines and have had difficulty making it to the scheduled classes. The HitFit® gym has high energy and fast paced workout that is consistently changing. I never lose interest and have the freedom to exercise on my schedule.

I finally feel healthy and strong. I absolutely love the results I have seen this past year, and I’m looking forward to starting my 40’s on the right foot. Thanks to everyone at HitFit® for all the excellent training and encouragement!

-Bethany, HITFIT® Member

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What Our Members Have to Say...

"Best gym by far I've ever been to!! 30 minute workout with a trainer on the floor giving you direction and pointers throughout your workout, they also offer personal training with the best educated and professional trainers available! I can't say enough about how comfortable I feel while I'm here working out! I'm addicted!" 

-CM (Google Reviews)

"Since joining Hit fit back in September, I am almost down 20 pounds! I like how the workout is set up for you and I don't have to guess how to use the equipment. I never knew what to work on when trying to work out on my own. Every one who works there is super nice and supportive. I totally recommend Hitfit gym to anyone who wants to get in or stay in shape. Hit fit rocks!" 

-Erica (Google Reviews) 

"I love this gym!! No scheduled classes. Go when you want and perform the 35min circuit workout which changes all the time. I used to get board using the same machines, but this isn't like that. I've been going for 4.months now and can really see an improvement. Give it 4 weeks and you'll be hooked."

-Lonnie (Google Reviews)